Of ‘Dumsor’ and Ghana’s Energy Sector Challenges: Part 3

Electricity Transmission Lines

Electricity Transmission Lines

In Part 1 of this series, we stated some baseline and other statistics on the energy situation in Ghana. In analysing these statistics, we underscored that the current power crisis is not the result of lack of generating capacity as we would have in excess of 500MW to meet current demand conditions were all the plants fully functioning.

Then in Part 2, we examined in-depth the causes of the ongoing load-shedding exercise by elaborating the causal factors that had been stated in Part 1.

In this concluding paper, we provide short term measures to end the ‘dumsor’ and then medium to long term measures to ensure that Ghana has supply of electricity that will be sufficient for its needs.

>>>>> Download Paper 3: GGDP_CIN9_Energy-Sector-Challenges Final

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