The National Identity Management Crisis in Ghana

718818324_974386GGDP in a new current issue note (CIN) has called on the National Identification Authority (NIA) to suspend the newly-proposed mass registration exercise and consult on it well to prevent another waste of state resources. Interim Coordinator of GGDP and author of the report, Kweku Ortsin, remarked in an interview with Adom FM that Ghana was on the way to wasting more money if they do not stop and consult Ghanaians well on what type of cards would be useful in serving the demands of the populace. A section of the report reads:

 There is very little doubt about the fact that Ghana has over the years been experiencing an acute national identity management crisis. The multiplicity of national identification documents in the form of passports, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, voter registration cards, birth certificates, national health insurance cards, etc., clearly point to the fact that the country is not managing its national identity data in a harmonized manner. Several Ghanaians have expressed concern about the fact that they need to carry several ID cards to transact business that otherwise could have been effected with just a single card.

Link to download the full research paper: GGDP_CIN3_National_Identity_Card_Crisis

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