GGDP Media Launch and Maiden Presentation of Working Papers

Tuesday, July 29, 2014, marked a momentous day in Ghana’s civic advocacy space when the Ghana Growth and Development Platform (GGDP) was formally launched in at the International Press Centre in Accra occasioned by the presentation of two working papers on the Cedi depreciation and the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).

Speaking at the launch, the Chairperson of the occasion, Mr Jonas Atingdui, gave a brief background of the events that led to the setup of the platform.  He remarked that it became apparent after the introduction of the forex control measures by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) on February 4, 2014, that there was a vacuum for an unbiased, objective and non-partisan presentation of issues that affect the economy of Ghana.  As such, a decision was made by some Ghanaians on March 23, 2014 to establish a group to fill the vacuum, a group for non-partisan discussion of economic, business, financial, political, social and other issues and developments in Ghana called the Ghana Growth and Development Platform (GGDP).

GGDP seeks to be an independent and objective voice that is focused on data-backed analysis and commentary on development issues that affect Ghana. Following are its Mission Statement and Objectives. GGDP’s objectives are to (1) advocate for pro-growth and pro-development policies, programs and projects by the government, the parliament, the private sector, civil society, the cooperative sector, and the international community, and (2) advocate for the enfranchisement of non-resident Ghanaians and for their involvement in the growth and development effort of Ghana.

The launch was very well attended by the media. We got about double the number of media houses invited. All members present were impressed by the number of media houses that attended and the interviews done immediately after the launch. The reports so far have been good: Joy had a report at 12 noon. Citi and other radio stations have also already reported. Metro, TV3 and TV Africa have already had long reports.

Therefore, we achieved the objective of getting wide media coverage of the launch. In other words, the Media Launch and Maiden Presentation of Working Papers was a success. The following are the media houses and others that attended.

1. Ghanaian Times
2. The Chronicle
3. Daily Guide
4. Business & Financial Times
5. Daily Searchlight
6. Weekly Observer
7. Ghanaian Trust

1. TV3
2. Metro TV
3. TV Africa
4. Multi TV
5. TVC
6. Adom TV
7. First Digital TV

1. GBC Radio
2. Joy
3. Adom
4. Peace
5. Citi
6. Reuters
7. Ultimate
9. Send Radio
10. Radio XYZ
11. Obonu
12. Choice

Information Services Dept
Ghana Online

Launch Speech Download

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