1. Stating and arguing a particular political party’s policies, views and agenda is prohibited. This is not and shouldn’t become the platform for publicizing and discussing any party’s line.

2. Making a statement attributable to a particular political party or politician is prohibited. This precludes posts of such statements as well as discussions of them.

3. Characterizing or describing what you say or someone else says as representing the policies, views and agenda of a particular politician or political party is prohibited.

4. The three strike rule applies – i.e. there is a limit of three transgressions. The moderator/administrator will cut off and delete a discussion that becomes partisan or a comment that is partisan. When that is done the offending member will have two more warnings after which his/her membership is revoked.


For consistency, for making our discussions orderly and for making the drafting of Working Papers easier new posts should have the same structure:

I. The issue/challenge/problem
II. Background
III. Analysis
IV. Summary of Opinions
V. Recommendations


IV. Summary of Opinions will be done at the end of our discussions so it need not be included.  The post could include V. Recommendations, but they will be finalized at the end of our discussions. Members should endeavour to present their posts with the above stated structure.