Current Issue Note 13: Stress-Testing Double-Track Senior High School (SHS): 16-Week Two-Semester Academic Calendar Has Structural Design Defects

The recent announcement by Government to introduce a 16-week two-semester double-track enrolment programme for Senior High Schools (SHS) has generated a lot of heated discussions in the public space. There are those who believe it is an excellent initiative which will improve access to secondary education in the country while there are others who have expressed concerns that it may dilute the quality of education. The Ghana Growth and Development Platform (GGDP), in line with our mission to offer qualitative analysis on public policies (and offer alternative policy options where applicable), has taken interest in the ongoing debate and we wish to chip in our contribution. Our independent analysis of the 16-week double-track system shows that, as per its current configuration, its implementation will pose a major challenge after a maximum period of 18 months. Thus, it may not be able to last for the five-to-seven-year period that the Ministry of Education (MoE) has proposed unless there are immediate remedial actions to address its structural design defects. We arrived at our conclusion applying a stress-testing methodology where we analysed how the system will function beyond the first two years of implementation. Download CIN at
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